Linus’s Wondergoal

Check out this belter from Linus from todays game. They don’t come much better.


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Bajen Aid, Weeping Willows, Moneybrother and Bajare

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been in the US for a bit getting ready for my new job. Plus the last game was such a shocker I could not blog about it.

Today Hammarby turned over Syrianska 2-0 and it could have been more!

Bajen Aid - Bajen Needs You!

Tonight was Bajen Aid, a charity set up to help Bajen raise urgently needed finances. Read more and see photos from tonights Bajen Aid gig. It was great to see the players turn up on the stage as well as some great Swedish acts.

Jesper Blomqvist

Hammarby players at Bajen Aid

As always, Bajen websites are welcome to use any photos they need.

Some good news  ( I think!) my move to the USA has been delayed a month so I wont leave until August 2nd, thats a few weeks worth of updates still to come.

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Bajen lose again

Even though Linus was back and he scored, we lost, 2-1 away to Jonköping.

Its just like last season all over again!

Lets hope we can turn it around against Väsby on Saturday. Nice to see some posters springing up advertising the game. The club needs as many as possible to attend matches.

We cannot allow the current situtation on the pitch to stop us supporting our team.

I am unfortunately in Holland with work so miss the game. I am pleased I bought a season ticket though, at least Bajen are getting cash even when I am not at games.  They need it.

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Bajen to go bust?

Hammarby Football have today put out a very worrying statement. I have roughly translated it below.  In short it says that we will not hit our budget for this year and are someway short of it.  There is a 10 million SEK shortfall which the club needs to make up or we are bust.

This is very worrying indeed and the club are going to issue shares which supporters can buy.  This is a way that everyone can support the club if you have the cash. The club are asking for as many Bajare to turn out for home games as possible. They have budgeted on gates of 7000.

The snag is the football is shit right now, so people wont spend money on that. So its down to the players and coaches to sort things out on the field.

I also wonder how many opportunities the club are missing out on as well.  I specialise in online marketing, have been responsible for advising several multinational companies in this area yet when I asked Bajen if they wanted me to advise them on a voluntary basis I did not even get a reply.  I know there has been a lot of change in personnel at the club. I know my Swedish is shit but come on.  I cant help but wonder how many more people have made offers that have gone unanswered.

Either way this is really worrying for Bajare all over the world.

Hammarby Football is in a very tough economic situation. The company is in dire need of capital and is currently working on a new share issue. Here is an explanation of the situation in Hammarby Football.

It is now two months since the new board was elected in Hammarby Football. About the same time hired our new CEO in Hammarby Fotboll AB, Åsa Sånemyr. The season started a while ago, and the results had clearly been better for the first team.
It’s been turbulent but also a learning period, which now leads to a series of changes and actions. We shall try below to give an idea of what is happening in Hammarby, and what we in management have both begun working with and planning to do.

The economic situation
We now have a clearer picture of economic reality, we actually find ourselves in. Unfortunately, it is much worse than we could imagine in March. The budget was presented at the annual meeting will not be achieved. Clearly the current situation. The reasons for this are mainly that we have not achieved our sales targets and that we are not able to lower our wages to the extent we wanted. This despite the fact that we got down wage costs by 8.9 million over the previous year. Efforts to overcome this is in full swing but the situation is acute.

It must immediately be added to the capital to the company. Unless we receive around 10 million within the next few months go Hammarby Fotboll AB in bankruptcy. Therefore, we have begun work on a new issue in Hammarby Fotboll AB. This means that we will sell new shares are offered primarily members. The fact remains these shares will be offered to interested individuals, businesses and institutions.

AEG, which owns 49 percent of the shares in Hammarby Fotboll AB, recently loaned out 1 million SEK to Hammarby Football AB, while making clear that it was the last time we would get a handout.
AEG has agreed to a new issue, and will therefore see its stake reduced to the club. Hammarby Football Association, which owns the remaining 51 percent, will also see its holding of shares go down, but will continue to hold 51 percent of all votes in Hammarby Fotboll AB, which requires National Sports Association.

It is therefore important that everyone who is least likely to buy shares in Hammarby Fotboll AB does. We will launch an extraordinary annual meeting in response to this issue in June this year.

You can make a difference
Your support is invaluable, and the best way to help in this situation is to go Hammarby matches at South Stadium. When you buy a ticket to South Stadium you are supporting us financially and from the stands supporting your team to success. We have budgeted for an average of 7000 spectators per game, a goal we can achieve with your help.

The sporting situation
Of course, we want to go up in the Championship this year, but the most important thing is to save the economy still in the club, otherwise there will be no games in Allsvenskan and Superettan next year.
In parallel with work on an inventory of our economy, sports manager and coach the squad to see what the needs are. But to make any acquisitions, we need to go to outside investors. This is not only the financing of transfer fees and sign-on bonuses, but also the wage costs of any new acquisitions.

If we manage to save the economy in the company, but, for various reasons, are unable to get up in the Championship so it is no disaster. But we must now prepare our economy to meet Superettan again next year.

It is important that we have a proper plan for how to reach League again. And to be clear about what kind of football we play and what kind of players we have.
Our own talent development is a key element in creating a stable future sporting grounds where we come up with players who walked all the way through our own ranks.

To safeguard this, we have appointed a committee of sports Hammarby – which among other our former players include Alexander Ostlund – which will continue work to develop a manual to be used from the youngest toddlers to the A-team. Thus the gap between junior and Hammarby Talang FF, and from HTFF to A-team to be shorter. Or why not directly from the youth academy to first team?

What is positive is seen sporting talent to Hammarby Football Association Division 1 North lead time of writing. And we have over 1,000 boys who play football in Hammarby, and many of the boys’ team  are among the best in the whole country!

We must not forget that we have a very young first team. Of the players who started matches against Öster  and Brage, so was the only one who played the premiere of the Championship last year. We must give all these young players the chance to show what they can do! What we in the leadership of Hammarby Football does not want to do is put us in the work of coaches. They have received a mandate from us to train and coach the team.

So you have to be patient and buy match tickets to cheer on our dear Bajen!

Together we are Hammarby!

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Young Guns

HTFF 1 HeIF (Helsingborg) 3
Swedish Cup 3rd Round.

I am sure you all know that HTFF is Hammarby Talent. Its great that Bajen can keep this go and its very useful when you see how many of the Hammarby first team squad come through HTFF. They are having a great season having been promoted last year and are only one division below the first team.

Tonight they took on Allsvenskan leaders Helsingborg. I am reliable informed by Tricky Dicky Torgerson that Helsingbog were fielding a lot of first team players.

Although we lost 3-1 it wasnt in vain. It was reassuring to see guys in the famous green and white shirt get stuck in. They showed everything the first team didnt against Öster.






Attacking mentality

I was proud of em!  Tricky and I managed to get the posh seats, I have never watched a game from a sofa before!!!


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Its a long way to Jönköping!

I love this video!

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New webpage that collects Bajen blog posts

I had a mail today from a new website that collates all the Bajen blog posts.  We are very flattered to be included, you can visit this Hammarby resource here:

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